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Chris Eben – Partner @ The Working Group
Michael is an extremely talented designer who takes conceptual concepts and creates effective branding and design for both digital and print. I have worked with Michael numerous times and highly recommend his work as a lead creative in multiple design fields, including digital graphics, motion graphics and print/photography. He completes work on time and to specification with a high degree of quality and integrity throughout the process.

Steve McCormick – Principal @ Humanis Brand Culture
During the 2011 Ontario provincial election, we hired Michael to create a long-form broadcast-quality video “commercial” to help promote a candidate for the Liberal party of Ontario, and to detail the candidate’s platform on a specific — and complex — topic. Mike accepted the project knowing we were facing a very fast turnaround time, no working script, and an out-of-town shoot. Despite these issues, Mike was extremely patient and supportive, and guided us expertly, providing highly creative recommendations for both visual look and feel and the on-camera performance. Without Michael’s help, we would not have been able to get the project done, pure and simple. The quality of the final video far outstripped our expectations. It was beautifully shot and expertly edited, which helped to showcase the candidate as both highly professional and a passionate advocate for local causes. On top of everything, Mike is as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet. Couldn’t ask for more in a business partner.

Lori Holloway – National Director, Health Programs @ Canadian Red Cross
I have worked with Michael more than once, and he has always delivered. Our last project was a video shoot for my election campaign. With an impossible timeline and challenging conditions, Michael delivered a great video and on time. Michael is a treat to work with, I highly recommend his services!

Barbara Morris – Business Coach / Speaker @ Elevare Organizations , Creator of The Valued Leader Program™
Michael is both a creative force to be reckoned with and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Michael approaches every project with a passion rarely seen – you just know you’re keeping him up at night while he finds the best way to capture your essence on video. If you want top quality, unique thinking and enjoy the process – Michael’s your guy.

Joel Gregorio – Principal / Creative Director @ Sovereign State
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael on several projects. Always concise and professional, Michael works closely with creative to ensure a tight final product. I gladly recommend Michael and his work.

Tamara Romanchuk – Video Director & Producer
I’ve greatly enjoyed the experience of working with Michael Krauss on several corporate video projects over the last two years. With his combined, superior talents for editing and AfterEffects, he consistently creates visually impactful communications tools that have a lasting and powerful effect on clients and audiences.