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Absolute World

Nature – strong, enduring, giving, and vulnerable.

Architecture – creative, functional and inspiring.
When the two meet, beauty is inevitable.

A simple idea exploded with excitement and an international competition was born. 

Absolute, created by Ma Yansong, whose vision of clean lines to show organic beauty is captured in video using a similar power – a creative and appreciative eye able to capture and display the beauty and grandeur.

The Working Group

The Working Group is a thriving tech company not to be represented by a traditional “corporate” video. They have a story, with real people, and real people’s dreams. In order to share this tale we delved into the back-story, the everyday and the hopes for the future. Shooting in a documentary style enabled us to use creative camera moves and story telling techniques matching the creativity The Working Group team brings to a tech heavy scene. Meeting the players brings humanity to software – something not easily done in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

Google Waterloo

Jugglers, olympians, lego builders… who would think this only skims the tip of understanding the cast at Google Waterloo. Taking great pride in the services offered, and more so in the work atmosphere and career experience, working at Google is comparable to none. The office, looking more like a playground – fuels creativity, excellence and teamwork. Loving ones work should not be a luxury. At Google, it is an expectation, one to be met and surpassed.

Richland Academy

Learning in an inspiring, encouraging, and challenging environment is something all children deserve. We hear from the students at Richland Academy, in their own words, what it means to come to school everyday where their voice is heard, where they feel respected, and where they feel “at home”. The camera unveils the sincerity, the joy and the playfulness of the children studying in a Reggio inspired academic atmosphere. Each child is unique, as must be the way they are individually captured on screen.