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The game – actually spelled “BASBAL” due to the 6-character file name length restrictions, continues to be enhanced periodically!
Pitch, swing, hit, run, steal, catch, throw…. Repeat.
Sit, yell, eat, drink, jump, cheer, swear…. Repeat.
The “Time lapse” really captures the game’s true essence.

Joe The Penguin

Joe’s spontaneous adventure was secretly captured by Santa’s elves busily testing out their smart phones. Landing in the big city, Joe was unprepared, but acclimatized quite quickly. There’s nothing like a festive skate and cozy pint to warm the hands/wings and heart.

A Dino Tale

Seasons Greetings for the kid in all of us!



Unused, out of date, forgotten – and yet – timeless. A word on a page transcends, as does film. 

The Philip Bloom Challenge, “one object” provided the opportunity to combine two creative mediums.

Headphones Please!

Saint Elizabeth Foundation

Saint Elizabeth Foundation – The Caregiver Support Program
When a child is sick your world stops. Loneliness reaches it’s peak, sadness and frustration take over. But, the outreached hand, no matter when it comes nor what shape it comes in, is more than a lifeline. Dignity, capability and a sense of normalcy return. Life is no longer a faint shadow.

The Saint Elizabeth Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for the advancement of knowledge and charitable initiatives in home and community care.

March of Dimes Canada

March of Dimes Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to people with disabilities. Producing this piece taught Michael more than he could have imagined – technically, creatively and emotionally. The March of Dimes Conductive Education is truly making a difference!
Michael created this pro-bono piece as his first foray into motion. With a background in photography and motion graphics, he took this opportunity to try something new while helping people in need at the same time.

Thanks to Philip Bloom – Michael was the sole photographer in attendance at his summer seminar in Toronto. He helped Michael realize why Canon put this wonderful video capability into his1D mask 4, Cheers!

Elevate Organizations

A corporate stand up developed as a website video launch promoting new business offered by Barbara Morris of Elevate Organizations.


My holiday wishes sent out to all.

Headphones Please!

Blast Athletics Toronto

The testimonial’s power relies on the ability of the camera to capture honesty, passion and humour. This piece focuses on the person and their story – the relationship between client and coach. Creative shooting angles helped to exemplify the pride, confidence and growth felt by all, in their own unique way.

Echoes In The City

A city may always crave its humble beginnings… when nature still outweighed its urban impostor. When seen at certain times, in certain light and angles, the echoes of purity can still be heard. But you must listen, remember and reflect, for the power of urbanization continues to gain strength and the echoes of innocence seem further away.