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Bell TV Video Capsule

The graphic element of typography was used to build a vast environment with quick camera moves to draw the viewer in. The graphic stings are used to brand the “Vu!, pay-per-view” one minute entertainment highlight packages.

This broadcast package earned a Gold Promax Award.


Text, symbol and sound come together to form a typographical symphony.

Cogeco Communications

Cogeco Communications – Commercial Spot
“One size doesn’t fit all”- the title for this 30 second spot and a fitting description of our teams unique talents. The concept of this project was to illustrate the diverse product line of Cogeco communications.

Chopper Pictures

Choppers coming at you from all angles – escape or rescue? The intensity and urgency of the flying choppers interact with the bold and active type. Designed to look large in scale, this in your face style is representative of the company’s style.

Excitement and anticipation – feelings felt before embarking on a vacation. The high-energy motion graphics in this commercial end tag evoke the “pre-trip” tingling sensation.

Bell TV HD Promo

Bell ExpressVu takes us from the 50’s with the birth of T.V. through to the excitement of colour, right to the NOW. With stylized, digital, pixeled boxes, images convey the variety and exciting experience offered with today’s high definition technology. This project was produced in conjunction with the graphics team at ExpressVu.

This HD promo package earned a Gold Promax Award.

Salvage Code Red

Salvage Code Red – Show Package
Set on the high seas, nautical maps and emanating rings are used to pin point locations to salvage toxic disaster. This is the premise for the design for this high drama on the National Geographic Channel / Discovery Channel.

Export Development Canada

Flowing lines, intersecting and never ending……The EDC timeline, at this moment in time, commemorates its 70th anniversary, celebrating the “then”, the “now” and the “future”.
While graceful and fluid, the pace and movement of the piece are active and energetic, emulating the EDC journey. Share the moments and visually participate in the reflection, contemplation and inspiration.

KFUN 99.5fm

KFUN 99.5fm – Radio Promotion Spot
Snap! Crackle! Pop! Just like morning Radio, this piece is bursting with silly fun that wakes you up from the dullest of stupors.

Animation Reel

This reel exemplifies our diversity in motion graphics from broadcast design to corporate video.